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April 5, 2010

Live Show DVD available now!
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Dr. Phil’s debut DVD, “Dr Phil’s Rude Health Show“, is now available from, and others.

Cover Blurb

Phil Hammond is a comedian trapped in a doctor’s body. He is Private Eye’s medical correspondent and possibly the only comic to have performed at a Public Inquiry. Dr Phil has done plenty of  Have I Got News for You, The News Quiz, The Now Show, The One Show and Countdown but still finds time to see patients (Mondays only).  In his live show, he is disarmingly rude about politicians, doctors, death, drugs, sex and especially himself, and encourages people to pleasure themselves in a safe and sustainable way. He has yet to be struck off, but he has been reported to the General Medical Council by William Hague’s Press Secretary. Dr Phil has a wife, two kids, two dogs, two cats, two ponies (retired), a penis enlarger (retired), three excellent books and companion DVD, all of which can be purchased at  Free swabs and sick notes with orders over £10

 ‘Thought provoking, scalpel- sharp stand up.’ The Independent

‘A tremendous show. Sceptical, irreverent and very funny.’ Time Out

‘Great to have a pint with, but you wouldn’t want him as your doctor.’  The Times

Amazon review

5.0 out of 5 stars Struck Off and Die 20 years on…., 14 Jun 2010
By  Mark TwainSee all my reviews
This review is from: Phil Hammond – Dr Phil’s Rude Health Show [DVD] [2010] (DVD)

I’ve been a fan of Dr Phil since I saw him at Edinburgh in the junior doctor double-act Struck Off and Die in 1990. He’s matured a bit since then – his humour is less aggressive and his hair is less ginger, but his delivery is effortless and the range of material he covers (from pubic to public inquiries) is impressively broad. Like his books, Dr Phil’s live show is `comedy with a message’ which may irritate those who like their comics just to be funny. But Dr Phil is never preachy – he just believes that the NHS is dangerous (`£110 billion a year and it’s still no safer than bungee jumping’) and we (patients) need to stand up for ourselves if we don’t want to end up `snoring in the mortuary.’

Much of the material is taken from his current tour but there’s an utterly shameless and fearless description his brush with the clap that was new to me. The mock consultation extras are also a treat. This is light-years from a medical student review, possibly because Dr Phil is light-years from being a medical student. The material is dark and dangerous at times, but there’s a philosophical edge and poignancy that suggests it is possible to survive medical training with your empathy intact. But only if you have a sense of humour. Dr Phil apparently still works as a GP (`because I need the material’) and writes for Private Eye but has somehow only had one brush with the GMC (thanks to William Hague’s Press Secretary). Highly recommended for doctors, patients and anyone considering becoming either.

Order from Amazon
Order from

Dr Phil’s fllow up DVD, Confessions of a Doctor, is out in Autumn 2010

Cover Blurb

Following the extraordinary success of his debut DVD, Dr Phil is back with an on-stage confession of all those personal and professional cock-ups that have made him a GP, and thankfully not a heart surgeon. Farting in theatre, falling asleep with a penis enlarger on, making a Jimmy Saville wig for the Pope and the asymmetrical lady-part repair….. By way of balance, he’s included other people’s disasters too…. the turnip birth, the Shrove Tuesday severance, the bedside flambé and the breaking in through the pantry window and slipping onto the ketchup bottle incident. Effortlessly suave and deliciously vulgar in equal measure, this is an ideal gift for doctors and anyone foolish enough to use them.

Note: Not suitable for anyone on the Fitness to Practice Committee of the General Medical Council

Dr Phil (MA (Cantab) MB BChir MRCGP DGM) is a GP, journalist, broadcaster and possibly the only comic to have appeared at a Public Inquiry.

Also by Dr Phil:

Dr Phil’s Rude Health Show (a companion DVD)

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  • Scottiek65

    i was never a fan of the medical profession until now,wish you were my doc,i think you’re priobably the funniest mofo on the planet,but then again my current medical examiner reckons i have obsessive,compulxive issues.beware………

  • Donaldphilipalexander

    Laughed like a drain at the programme from Cheltenham tonight. If you’re ever going down the Portway and fancy a coffee I live in Sea Mills. Don Alexander

  • Solo

    I can think of no better alter ego than an NHS GP than comedian. 99.9% of them would be even worse than that. This comment is dedicated to the GP who diagnosed visual disturbances as PTSD; the same GP who failed to diagnose a stroke; and the other one who claimed that my ganglion cyst was a nerve fibre abnormality. And it wasn’t even a ganglion cyst. Actually there’s nothing funny about it. But I see where you’re coming from.

  • tobascosaucetomas

    I watched Hammond comments which I admired his honesty

    about patients which should not be judged by the look,

    one doctor in the past said to me

    some patients have a bit of a flue they look like they are going to die while others are seriously sick they look very well

  • teranick

    Re:’Question Time’ BBC 13 Oct 2011. Watched with delight as Hammond verbally dismembered Landsley whose sheepish discomfort appeared to continue for some time afterwards…

  • Andy

    What’s your position on box offices using premium rate 0844 phone numbers for people to book tickets? These cost up to 41p/min to call.

  • Morag

    Loved the show in Bracknell tonight. Have enjoyed you in my home town of Edinburgh last year during the Fringe. Your comments about management consultants really struck a cord and I wished I could have told you about a definition I’ve never forgotten often used by an emminent colleague of mine in the computer industry in the 70′s:
    “Management Consultants ……The uninformed advising the unwilling to do the unnecessary…” Feel free to use this if it appeals to you. With best wishes and thanks for a super evening

    • Phil Hammond

      Thanks. Great to have such a warm audience. Will definitely add the MC quote to my collection. Phil

  • Maddie Miller

    uk health insurance is something that i believe is very important! Everyone should looking into getting some form of health insurance as you never know if you will ever become ill!